“Foamy” joins the Halloween Hoopla for Black Cat 13….

For over a decade, comic artist, animator, writer & musician Jonathan Ian Mathers has accumulated a worldwide audience with his humor, style (& rantings) at Ill Will Press. In the tradition of classic underground comics, his characters express social, environment, pop culture & personal issues entwined in stylized cartoons that once started, involve you. We’re delighted to present a short offering drawn exclusively by Mathers for Black cat 13, and we know you’ll get a bang out of the art & stories we’ve gathered up for you this issue!

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Pinted in Glorious “HAUNT-O-RAMA”…

A digital download version of Black Cat 13 #1 is finally here with some interactive extras. In the spirit of pre-code & underground comics, this 10th anniversary edition will be presented with orange & black ink interiors in direct homage to EC’s Shock Illustrated (’55-56) & Gary Arlington’s Thrilling Murder comics (’71) printed in “Bloodarama”. BONUS 3 track haunted music sampler created by acclaimed haunted attraction sound master Michael Hedstrom included in this interactive pdf (Acrobat X or later recommended). Join us for a haunted ride into the Halloween world of Black Cat 13 and get your premiere digital edition, now just a download away!


Black Cat 13 returns for Halloween chills & thrills…

From the team that brought you “Heavy Metal Monsters” and “Rock ‘n’ Roll comics” comes this all new anthology guaranteed to satisfy your Samhain sweet tooth! Coming October 2014!

Artists featured from the original 2004 “Glow in the Dark” edition: Lyndal Ferguson, Eric Pigors, Scott Jackson, Dennis Worden plus many others….